DONG HA TRADE AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED specializes in Handicraft products from natural bamboo and rattan materials in Vietnam from 3 generations 20 years ago, DONGHA is honored to be one of the most prestigious companies and has been famous for high-quality products, beautiful designs, reasonable prices and on-time delivery. Our products have been exported and received warm reception of customers from European, the North America, South America, Australia, Asia, etc over the years.

Inspired by the inherent advantages of tropical vegetation diversity in Vietnam, our skillful artisans create sophisticated and beautiful handcrafted products made from Bamboo and Rattan. These plants are short-day plants grown in Vietnam’s favorable climate, easily harvested, and processed.

To meet customers’ growing demand, we always update and provide the latest designs and stay ahead of home interior and garden decor trends. We also customize product dimensions, colors, and materials to meet customers’ tastes. Besides, our designers and artisans strive to create unique models by mixing different materials in one model to promote their aesthetic values. Main groups is Bamboo Products Home Decor such as Lamp, Basket, …..


Our Factory has a spacious area of ​​about 10,000m2, which is 20 km from the center of Hanoi. And our office is based in Hanoi. In here we create a showroom to welcome domestic and foreign clients. It is close to the neighboring skilled Traditional Craft Villages and near the Hai Phong port.

With over 10 employees at the office and over 100 employees at the factory and thousand of people working at home. DONGHA confidently ensures the completion of large orders with guaranteed quality. Customer service is always a top priority.

At DONGHA, all the employees meet the requirements of having good qualifications, creative thinking, sense of responsibility and discipline. Thanks to the dedicated guidance of leadership, we have formed a powerful foundation with common development goals to become prestigious and sustainable Group


Sustainable products: Our product lines are made of natural materials which positively contribute to the development of the global environment.

Quality control: We carry out in-house quality control processes which are in-line inspection, an inspection of finished goods and pre-shipment.

Customer support: Having a comprehensive knowledge of handicraft products and international business. We are always ready to fulfill the customers’ demand and solve the problem for the entire sales process, particularly after sales-service.

Competitive price: Financial team who works on the manufacturing process to optimize the lowest costs.





We intended to make a good lives for people by establishing a long-term enterprise that would increase a family’s income.

At DONGHA, we believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should be able to financially support themselves and their families. Success to us is not just measured by the number of sales, but by how we improve our artisan’s living standards.






From thousands of years ago, bamboo and rattan tree is a part of Vietnamese daily life. People know how to use them to make musical instruments, hunting equipment and creating so many useful living items.

Nowadays, there are so many substitute products, however bamboo and rattan items are still an irreplaceable part.

Handcrafted products not only leverage all-natural, organic materials but these age-old, small – batch craft techniques have low carbon emissions and zero waste.

Born from a traditional village, with 3 generations of producing bamboo and rattan product, DONGHA  is proud to bring high quality handicraft product to all part of the country and introduce to the world.

With best materials are selected from treasure the local materials, DONGHA skillful artisans have turned bamboo and rattan into products for eco- life.