The tips of purchasing good bamboo steamers Dong Ha Craft

The tips of purchasing good bamboo steamers Dong Ha Craft

Why choose bamboo steamers?

The bamboo steamer is relatively inexpensive cookware and really is an essential piece for individuals who want an easy and convenient option to cook home-based meals in a way that preserves the flavor, texture, minerals, and nutrients of their food. It can steam not just buns and dumplings, but also chicken, fish, vegetables, rice, proteins, cakes, and other desserts, more and more people like to cook food with eco-friendly bamboo steamers.

3 things you need to know about them.

There are many shapes (like round, oval, square, baskets with handles, bamboo steamers with stainless metal rings, etc), and the simple round bamboo steamer basket is the most popular in the market.

The tips of purchasing good bamboo steamers - Dong Ha Craft
The tips for purchasing good bamboo steamers – Dong Ha Craft
  • Bamboo steamers come in various sizes (normally the dia is from 3.2” to 20.9”) and tiers. For the average kitchen, 8”, 10″ and 12″ versions should do nicely, and it’s definitely the all-purpose sizes we’d recommend buying.

And the two-layer item is the most hot-selling, the benefit of having a tiered basket is you can cook foods with different cooking times at once (more on that in a bit), of course, you may choose one layer or some that have many more layers.

How to purchase the best bamboo steamer? Here are a few tips

1. The bamboo steamers are handmade, only experienced workers can make the perfect products, you can check the burr treatment of appearance, if the bamboo strip is smooth, etc.

2. Check for the lids/covers, a tightly hand-woven lid will ensure that steam cannot escape.

3. Check that your bamboo steamer is joined together with a bamboo wick (not glue or copper).

The bamboo steamer is not dishwasher-safe, it needs to stay fresh and clean is a quick scrub under water and a good air-dry. Make sure it’s completely dry before storing,
As you know, the round parchment paper/cotton liner/silicone liner is the friend of steamers here, and you may also like to go with chopsticks, or food tongs, etc. As a unit specializing in providing items made from bamboo and rattan such as trays, boxes, and gift baskets, DongHaCraft is pleased to bring your gratitude and respect to customers, partners, and employees right from the gift wrapping. Please contact us if you are looking for gift baskets, boxes, or trays to receive the most attractive offers.
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